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Latest Women’s Basketball Bracketology in Final Week of Season



It didn’t take long for Mississippi State to get back inside the top 5 in the national rankings as a wild women’s college basketball season continues to provide entertainment across the landscape.

The Bulldogs jumped to No. 4 in the country in mid December before losing to Oregon on the road and falling four spots to No. 8. It took two months for the Bulldogs to climb back into the top 5 as they got there with 12-straight wins. Right as they earned that No. 5 ranking again, however, they dropped their second game of the season to Missouri at home on February 10 ending a 32-game home winning streak and 26-straight SEC wins in the regular season.

On the Bulldogs’ side is the fact that upsets continue to happen elsewhere. Oregon dropped back-to-back games in the last two weeks to fall out of the top 5 and the Bulldogs are back in at fifth in the Associated Press Poll – hoping they stay this time- with three-straight victories.

With the losses that continue to happen across college basketball comes changes weekly in ESPN’s Bracketology. The Bulldogs were a one seed three weeks ago when the first top 16 reveal was released by the NCAA committee. Since the loss to Missouri, they fell to a two seed but are right on the verge of jumping back into the top four.

For now, ESPN’s Charlie Creme has MSU in the Greensboro (N.C.) Regional for the second straight week. Greensboro is the closest regional in proximity to Starkville with Chicago, Albany and Portland all other choices for Sweet 16/Elite 8 destinations. In that region, MSU is matched up with the No. 1 overall team in Baylor, a team the Bulldogs also met in the Elite 8 at Oklahoma City in 2017 where the Bulldogs punched their ticket to the first of two Final Four trips.

State will most certainly host the first two rounds of the tournament for a fourth straight year and Creme currently has them matched up with 15-seeded Radford in round one while they would play the winner of No. 7 Central Michigan and No. 10 UCF. Other notables in the Greensboro bracket are No. 3 Miami, No. 6 UCLA, No. 4 Marquette and No. 9 Tennessee.

The SEC remains tied with the ACC with the most projected teams to make the tournament out of the conference. Along with MSU and Tennessee is four-seeded South Carolina, five-seeded Kentucky and Texas A&M, six-seeded Missouri, 10-seeded Auburn and 11-seeded LSU.

There are still opportunities for much to change over the next three weeks. The Bulldogs have a game with LSU on Thursday night at 7 p.m. with a win clinching at least a share of the SEC championship. A South Carolina loss at Auburn and MSU win will give State the outright championship. Otherwise, MSU will play for a title in Columbia, S.C. against the Gamecocks on Sunday.

After that, the Bulldogs return to the state of South Carolina to begin SEC Tournament play in Greenville on March 8-10.

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Amy Poehler Wants To Know When Women Will Get To Be As Mediocre As Men



Amy Poehler wants women to be allowed to be as “messy” and “mediocre” as men. 

“Women are constantly criticized for being too emotional,” the comedian and actor told The Hollywood Reporter in a feature published Wednesday. “Can we be allowed to be as messy, as all over the place, as inconsistent and as mediocre as men? Do we have to always be patient, special, nurturing, adaptable?”

Poehler, whose directorial debut, “Wine Country,” hits Netflix next month, added that she is sick of women having to explain the bad behavior of men like fellow comedian Louis C.K., whom several women have accused of sexual misconduct.

“Women seem to be, unfortunately, the ones that have to have the answers,” she said. “Whether or not we want to be the ones with the answers.”

Head over to The Hollywood Reporter to read Poehler’s full interview. 

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article indicated “Wine Country” would be showing in theaters. It will debut on Netflix

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Fans Rally Around Progressive Christian Author Placed In Medically Induced Coma



Friends and fans of the popular progressive Christian author Rachel Held Evans are rallying around her family after receiving news that Evans has been placed in a medically induced coma. 

Last Sunday, the 37-year-old asked her substantial Twitter following for prayers, saying that she was in the hospital with the flu and a urinary tract infection. She said she was having a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics doctors had given her.

On Friday, her husband Dan Evans posted a statement to the writer’s website revealing that she was “exhibiting unexpected symptoms.” Doctors found that her brain was experiencing “constant seizures.” As they determine how to best treat her, they placed her in a medically induced coma. The writer was still in the ICU and in a coma on Tuesday, according to her husband.

Evans is a Christian writer from Dayton, Tennessee, who has authored several popular books about her journey away from conservative evangelical Christianity and towards a more progressive theology that is committed to feminism, inclusive of LGBTQ Christians, and accepting of doubt. Evans now attends an Episcopal church.

Before her health took a turn for the worse, Evans was eagerly tweeting about her plans to co-host a progressive Christian conference in October. The Denver conference is a gathering for people who have walked away from conservative religious traditions and may not feel like they currently have a spiritual home. 

As news of her illness spread, friends and fans shared reflections about the impact Evans has had on their lives. Some women wrote about how Evans inspired them to attend seminary. Others talked about how Evans’ honest writing about wrestling with doubt helped guide them through their own periods of deconstructing their childhood faiths. Fans also talked about how Evans’ progressive convictions helped them realize conservative evangelicals don’t have a monopoly on Christianity.

Becky Castle Miller
I’m seeing a stream of tweets from women saying, “I wouldn’t be preaching if not for @rachelheldevans. I wouldn’t be in seminary if not for her.” (I’m one of them) God, thank you for Rachel’s work in raising up your daughters to serve your church. Heal her now. #prayforRHE

10:45 PM – Apr 19, 2019
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Ms. Charlotte
I’m holding space for .@rachelheldevans and praying she has a full recovery. She was the first person to tell me it’s okay to leave the evangelical church and find healthier faith spaces. #PrayForRHE

12:49 AM – Apr 20, 2019
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Brittney Cooper
I have been deeply blessed by the ministry and writing of @rachelheldevans, particularly when I was in my 20s and early 30s struggling for a better spiritual path. I pray the Lord Our Healer fully restore Rachel, and I believe God can and will hear our prayers. Amen. #PrayforRHE

5:01 AM – Apr 20, 2019
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Hannah Evans
Rachel changed me through her writing, created a door where there was none, gave me language & imagination for a faith that wasn’t marked by my fear. & when she wrote Searching for Sunday, she led me back to church again. Thinking of her and holding her close today. #PrayForRHE

11:56 PM – Apr 19, 2019
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Brandi Miller
Been trying to process and pray for Rachel Held Evans today. 

Her book, “Year of Biblical Womanhood” was the first even remotely progress book that I ever read. It helped me have a larger view of and love for scripture. Praying for her healing. #prayforRHE

9:39 AM – Apr 20, 2019
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Evans’ friends have started a GoFundMe page dedicated to helping her family pay for medical costs related to her treatment. The campaign has raised close to $70,000 in one day. They also started a prayer chain on Twitter, tweeting out prayers for the writer under the hashtag #PrayForRHE. The hashtag was trending nationally on Twitter on Friday, Religion News Service reported.

Matthew Vines

I love Rachel Held Evans so much. God, please bring her protection and healing. Please bring comfort and peace to her husband and their two precious little ones who need their mother. Please bring wisdom to her doctors and help her recover. This world needs her. #PrayforRHE

11:21 PM – Apr 19, 2019
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Kate Bowler

Gracious God, 
You give us the absurd dignity of prayer, to cry to the void and beg you to act. Please heal and be near to our friend @rachelheldevans that you comfort her dearest humans, and give wisdom to her medical team. And peace, peace, peace to all who love her #PrayforRHE

10:18 PM – Apr 19, 2019
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Reverend Jes Kast
It’s Easter Monday, God. Didn’t you get the message? My friend Rach is supposed to tweet us now and say she is better. We won’t stop praying and we know you are able, please – Jesus – hold her and strengthen her in body and soul. @rachelheldevans #PrayForRHE

7:51 PM – Apr 22, 2019
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Some pointed out that even those who were more skeptical or uncertain about the concept of prayer seemed moved by the call to pray for Evans.

Science Mike

I can think of few people who are such examples of what I imagine a healthy Christian would look like as @rachelheldevans. So, I’ve been on my knees in intercessory prayer that I’m not sure I believe in this morning. #PrayForRHE

10:09 PM – Apr 19, 2019
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Jamie Lee Finch
I don’t exactly know what praying is or isn’t anymore, but I know that @rachelheldevans is a gift. And I can feel that every cell in my body wants her well, so I’m actively agreeing with them. However you pray or however you don’t, let’s all #PrayForRHE.

12:26 AM – Apr 20, 2019 · Los Angeles, CA
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Lindsay Smith
This is the beauty and power of Rachel’s ministry; that a bunch of church misfits are gathering to pray for her because we love her so, even if we don’t consider ourselves pray-ers anymore. She abounds in grace and love and wisdom. Lord bring healing. Lord be near. #PrayForRHE

10:43 PM – Apr 19, 2019
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Ashley Baker
Perhaps the best example of @rachelheldevans impact on the world is the fact that a bunch of people who at one point held faith and Christian community at arms length are now here together praying for her. #prayforRHE

10:32 PM – Apr 19, 2019
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The calls to pray were echoed in conservative Christian circles ― including by some who have publicly disagreed with Evans’ theological convictions. 

Russell Moore

. @rachelheldevans and I are, as you know, theological opposites, and we’ve debated each other on all kinds of stuff over the years. 

She needs our prayers right now. 

Conservatives, progressives, centrists, everybody: let’s pray for RHE. …

8:13 PM – Apr 20, 2019
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Rachel’s Health Updates
Hi I’m Dan (Rachel’s husband) and this is where you can find accurate public updates about Rachel’s health. I will update this post as needed. Thank you to all of those that have showed support and…
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Rod Dreher

I’ve scrapped intensely with the progressive Christian writer Rachel Held Evans, but I’m grieved to hear that she is in the hospital in grave condition this Easter weekend. Please pray for her, and her family!

12:25 AM – Apr 20, 2019
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Beth Moore

Let’s get this straight. We don’t have to change our stand to kneel & pray. Good Lord. Just pray, for crying out loud. RHE needs PRAYER! If we’re only going to pray for people we line up with doctrinally, we’re going to have the shortest quiet times in the history of the church.

5:02 PM – Apr 23, 2019
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Evans’ husband responded to the outpouring on Tuesday. “Thank you again to everyone who has donated their time and resources and offered their thoughts and prayers,” Dan Evans wrote. “Rachel would have a really beautiful way to say all of this.”

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The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week (April 13-19)



The ladies of Twitter never fail to brighten our days with their brilliant ― and succinct ― wit. Each week, HuffPost Women rounds up hilarious musings of 280 characters or less. 

Scroll through this week’s great tweets from women below. Then visit our Funniest Tweets From Women page for past roundups.


I love giving people advice my therapist gave me in the past that I absolutely did not listen to myself

8:27 AM – Apr 15, 2019
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Brandy Jensen
not once in my life have i “brought something to the table”

12:30 AM – Apr 18, 2019 · Brooklyn, NY
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Malia Mills
Me: ☹️
Shania Twain: Lets go girls 
Me: 🤠

5:02 AM – Apr 8, 2019
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Elizabeth Hackett
People hoping to save Earth for the children have not yet met the children 100 feet behind me who are fucking furious their parents brought them on a hike.

8:09 PM – Apr 14, 2019
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about me:

8:14 AM – Apr 19, 2019
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Fossilized Tree Resin
Him: Keto has really helped me get my life on track.

Me: *eating Mac and cheese out of a bread bowl* I also am alive

3:19 AM – Apr 17, 2019
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I will like every picture of a baby on my timeline and that’s just the type of bitch I am

7:20 PM – Apr 14, 2019
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Annie Hatfield
Giving my description of the car that side-swiped me “It was black, which I like, but not a kind of car I’d buy.”

1:59 AM – Apr 15, 2019
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Me walking into one of those places that charges $24 for grilled cheese.

7:45 AM – Apr 15, 2019
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Gabriella Paiella

A new boxing place opened a few blocks from my apartment so I’m excited to try it for a week, make that my entire identity, and then never go again

9:19 PM – Apr 15, 2019
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Kelly Weill

hey welcome to dinner at any new york restaurant that describes itself as ‘new american’. it’s a burger with shoestring fries and it’s $32. dark in here!!

1:25 AM – Apr 14, 2019
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a teenage girl at a concert told me i was really pretty last night i have become a Cool Older Girl ™ and no one can touch me

3:49 AM – Apr 14, 2019
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hunter harris

yes the rumors are true — if i dont feel like a joke i made over text gets enough attention i WILL add a haha react. thanks – management

2:12 AM – Apr 17, 2019
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Abby Heugel
It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Six meals a day. Ten hours of sleep. A pair of yoga pants, complete solitude, and no social obligations whatsoever.

4:59 AM – Apr 18, 2019
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Eliza Skinner

Good news, online retailers! I feel bad and bored!

4:12 AM – Apr 19, 2019
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amber ruffin

***hears loud, shitty neighbors being loud again***
***gets mad***
***stomps downstairs***
***realizes they’re watching Beyonce documentary***
***sees them in a whole new light***
***becomes able to relate to them***
***likes them a little bit bit more***

4:22 AM – Apr 18, 2019
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Karen Chee
Um they sell these in packs of 10

3:16 AM – Apr 18, 2019
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Uma Bloo
It’s crazy that if it were 1950 I’d have a husband and a lobotomy already

10:26 PM – Apr 14, 2019
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Naomi Spungen
Insane thing about seeing someone driving without a shirt is that they know AT MINIMUM two locations where they’re comfortable without one

2:53 AM – Apr 17, 2019
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Walking Outside In Slippers
I’m never more optimistic than when I put fast food restaurant sauce packets in the fridge and think I’m going to use them at some point.

7:44 AM – Apr 16, 2019
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